Automation Series

(Now Only $4.95 – over 40 minutes)

 Automation is a must for making a good mix great.
We’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

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Automation Made Easy

This series of videos will show you how to use automation to make your mixes sound pro, or help you create new and exciting sounds that have dynamics and depth.

Whether you’re fixing a loud vocal part, pushing up the volume of a cool drum fill, or twisting a synthesizer filter to create that perfect build up, automation is the tool you need to make this process fast and easy.

Automation systems are very complicated and figuring out how to best use them can take a long time. We’ve been using and teaching people how to use these systems for decades and will speed you thru the complicated learning curve.

This short series costs less than a fancy coffee drink and will save you a lot of frustration and research. Plus we guarantee all our training so you take no risk.

Compatible with all Digital Audio Workstations, and analogue systems. Applies to all styles and genres of music.

Over 40 minutes of videos.

Normally $5.95

NOW ONLY  $4.95

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