If you think the products we have don’t fit your exact needs, or you have bought products from us before and want a custom bundle, we can put together a personalized discounted bundle that will be perfect for your needs.

These will save you a lot of money, and save you even more time figuring out what you need. Plus we are happy to help … it’s what we do!

Plus we guarantee our training so you take no risk. 

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• If you don’t think any of our Bundles fit your needs and you want some help?

• If you bought some training videos of ours and want a Bundle discount on the products you don’t have.

• If you bought our DVDs in the past (yes those old fashion shiny things … haha) and want the newer download version of the products you already bought.

Contact us and we’ll put together a custom discounted training bundle with the exact training for you!

Customized Training for You!

For Electronic Dance Music Producers we will make a CUSTOM BUNDLE FOR YOU!

For the Singer/Songwriter who only plays acoustic guitar we will make a CUSTOM BUNDLE FOR YOU!

Plus we’ll give you a big discount because we appreciate you as a customer and friend of Secrets of the Pros.