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MASTER DRUMMER – featuring Dennis Chambers

Mixing: A Quick Start Guide to Get You Going!

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Connecting Your Gear Properly – Interfaces and Cables

Mixing: Automation, A Powerful Feature

Mixing: Electric Bass Guitar

Coming Soon!   We have videos on mixing bass filmed and only in need of a few more edits … stay tuned and definitely sign up on our mailing list to keep posted on our latest news! [...]

Mixing Vocals – Advanced Techniques

Processing: Introduction & Important Info


Processing: Guitar Tones and Special FX

Processing: Delays, Wideners, & Reverb! (A Must-See!)

Processing: Compressors for Mixing – Critical


Processing: Using Equalizers Like a Pro


Cutting Loops Into Your Music


MIDI, Synths, & Virtual Instruments


Recording and Mixing Electric Guitar – Advanced

Recording Pro Sounding Vocals in Your Studio

Mixing: Hi Hats, Toms, Cymbals, OH – Advanced

Mixing Snare Drum – Advanced

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Mixing Kick Drum – Advanced

Mixing – Important Basic Concepts

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Recording Acoustic Guitar – Advanced


Recording – Important Basic Concepts


Recording Electric Guitar – Basics

Recording Acoustic Guitar – Basics to Get Started Fast!

Microphone Basics to Help You Record Great Tracks

Recording Drums – Advanced

Setting Up Your Studio for Success

DESCRIPTION To prove that our training will show you secrets that break common myths about important topics watch this very closely and you’ll know more about setting up a studio properly [...]

Setting Up Your Studio – Important Basics

The Mixer: Important Basics You Need to Know!


Setting Up a New Song

Please Watch These First! Introduction

  Welcome to Secrets of the Pros!   If you are a recording hobbyist looking to lay down tracks for fun, or an aspiring pro wanting to win a Grammy Award or five, these videos are for [...]