All the training series below are “Download to Own.”

The “download to own” option is far less popular than our “Subscriptions & Streaming” option, though there are some who want to pay once for the training they need. Note that “download to own” is not streamable. You must download the training onto your local drive, then watch it. Click below to see our subscriptions.

If you are a hobbyist looking to create great sounding music for fun, or an aspiring professional out to win multiple Grammy Awards, our training will teach you techniques for recording and mixing your music that you can use in your home or project studio. We also have an excellent Pro Tools training series, and if you love music you have to check out our Performance Series!

Rest assured you are learning from experienced pros who will show you how to get expert-level results. Download now and enjoy!

Plus we guarantee our training so you take no risk.

World-Class Training Bundles

In the “download to own” category our bundles are, by far, our most popular training.

These will save you a lot of money, even more time figuring out complicated software and hardware, and insure you have a solid foundation so you can focus on creating music.

Plus we can make a Personalized Bundle to fit your exact needs!

4 Bundle Options Available

Recording and Mixing Series

This is for beginner to pro levels.

You can get pro level results in your home studio, and this series will start you on your way. You will learn how to set up your studio (which is critical and very often done wrong), basic signal flow, pro recording techniques, proper mic techniques, processing, effects, eq, compression, delay, reverb, MIDI, mixing, and more.

The bundle of all three levels/volumes is an amazing deal to insure you’re on the right track.

3 Levels

Pro Recording and Mixing Series

In our Pro Recording & Mixing Series we take you into a world-class, multi-room recording studio to give you the best possible music education. Then we show you how to apply all this info into your home and/or project studio as well.

With over 5 hours of HD video and hi-resolution audio tracks of the song we work on, you’ll learn a long list of the best tips and tricks passed down from dozens of top music producers & engineers.

For beginner to pro, all styles of music, and analogue or digital gear this series will help you get up to speed quickly.

2 Volumes

Pro Tools Series

This is for beginner to pro levels.

Pro Tools is incredibly powerful software and you can absolutely make professional sounding recordings with it. Training is critical though as it will speed you through years of trying to figure it out on your own.

Your host is one of the best Pro Tools gurus you can find and worked as a Senior Pro Tools Product Specialist for over 7 years. This is as good as Pro Tools training gets!

The bundle is an amazing deal to quickly get you up to speed.

3 Volumes

Performance Series

If you are passionate about music, a musician, songwriter, DJ, and especially if you are a drummer … you must see this title!Imagine getting to hang out in a world-class recording studio with one of the most talented drummers alive. Dennis Chambers has worked with a long list of some of the biggest names in all genres of the music world.

This video also features the Music Director and Bass player for Santana. Benny Rietveld, who has also played with Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and many more … he brings a wealth of knowledge, great stories, and incredible performances to this title.

1 Volume

Personalized Training Bundles

If you think the products we have don’t fit your exact needs, or you have bought products from us before and want something customized for your needs, we can put together a personalized discounted bundle that will be perfect for your needs.

These will save you a lot of money, and save you even more time figuring out what you need.

Plus we are happy to help … it’s what we do!