How to Improve Your Mixing Dramatically

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In this series we’ll show you how to insure your mixes sound great, help you improve the quality of any sound system (including your stereo or home theater), and we clearly explain with graphs and data how speakers work so you can get the most from all audio systems.


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This video will show you how moving a speaker even a little bit can dramatically change the way it sounds. Unless your speakers are placed correctly it will not sound the same as what is coming out of your mixer and make mixing very difficult. Check it out and know the solutions are below and in this series!

Very simple solutions, like putting speakers on stands, can make a big difference in how accurately they perform.

Accurate monitoring makes mixing much easier and will make any sound system sound better. Watch below and enjoy!

It’s very common for people to put a speaker on it’s side but has a very negative effect on how well it performs. It’s not subtle either. Check it out!

Watching the whole series will give you much more detailed info about how to set up any audio system in an optimal way.


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