Bundle 1

$149.95 $99.95

A complete Recording and Mixing bundle – beginner to pro level

This bundle is our most popular product for hobbyist and aspiring pro alike. If you want and in-depth look at the world of music production this is the bundle of our two main series that will give you an excellent overview and much more. We filmed an education you won’t believe and spared no expense. We went into one of the best multi-room recording and mixing facilities in the world with some A-list players.

Regardless of what style of music you want to create this will be an excellent education.





Bundle 1

This is for beginner to pro levels.

If you are a hobbyist or aspiring audio professional this bundle will help you get excellent results and fast. This is our best bundle for those that want an  indepth education about recording and mixing.

This bundle includes:

• All three levels of our Recording and Mixing Series


• All levels of our Pro Recording and Mixing Series.

This is equal to an incredibly expensive recording school that you can watch it at your own pace, any time you’d like and rewatch it as much as you’d like!   Plus it is 1/1,000th the cost!  Some recording schools can cost $100,000 … it’s true!

Here’s a short sample of what’s inside.


Videos included with this package:

  1. Setting up your studio for success
  2. Secrets of studio layout
  3. Need to knows about the gear
  4. Signal routing and why it’s critical
  5. Click tracks
  6. How pros cut loops
  7. Secrets into recording setups
  8. The secrets behind recording and mixing drums
  9. The tricks behind a great bass sound
  10. The most in-depth look for recording guitars
  11. MIDI Keyboards and how to get the maximum from them
  12. The secrets behind recording vocals (Essential watching!)
  13. Learn how the masters mix
  14. The big secret of acoustics
  15. A long list of pro tips, tricks, and techniques

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