Bundle 3 – All Three Series

$212.95 $129.95

3.5 hours of videos – mid to pro level

This level will go much deeper into pro mixing techniques, and in-depth studio set up section (something we feel you must know), a more comprehensive look into using MIDI, more about tracking vocals, drum kits, working with Loops, recording guitars, bass, and much more. It also includes a section on studio acoustics you must see. This is what earned us our reputation as an industry leader!





Bundle 3

This is for beginner to pro levels.


The bundle is an amazing deal to quickly get you up to speed.

Here’s a sample of what’s inside.


Videos included with this package:

  1. Introduction to everything
  2. Secrets of studio layout
  3. Need to knows about pre-amps
  4. Signal routing and why it’s critical
  5. Click tracks
  6. Audio loops
  7. Secrets into recording setups
  8. The secrets behind recording drums
  9. The secrets behind recording bass
  10. The secrets behind recording guitars
  11. Midi Keyboards and how to get the maximum from them
  12. The secrets behind recording vocals (Essential watching!)
  13. Learn how the masters mix
  14. The big secret of acoustics
  15. Wrapping up the Recording and Mixing Series