Bundle – Personalized



You might need a unique selection of training videos to fit your exact needs and we would be happy to help.

Contact us and let us know exactly what you are looking to learn and we can put together a custom training bundle for you. Plus we will make it at the same discounts you see on our other bundles. Also we guarantee our training so you take no risk.



Personalized Training Bundle

This is for all levels.

If you are producing Electronic Dance Music and want something specific for your needs we’ll put it together.

If you are a Singer/Songwriter and only need to record acoustic guitar and vocals, we know what you need too!

If you bought some of our training in the past and don’t see something you think is right for you let us help!

Even if you have some of our DVDs (yes those shiny things … haha!) and want the download versions of the same training (that actually look and sound better) plus some new training, we’ll cut you a great deal.

Let us know how we can help … that’s what we do and we enjoy helping people!

Here’s a taste of our training below.


Videos included with this package:

Whatever you need!

Contact us and we will customize this for your exact needs.

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