Recording and Mixing Series – Level 1


2+ hours to get you started

In this easy to follow series of videos we’re going to take you through the basics and a quite a bit more. Setting up your studio properly is CRITICAL to getting great results. We cover this and will also show you basic mic techniques, recording basics, and recording techniques for: vocals, electric bass, acoustic guitar, standard terminology you need to know, and more. This level is a must for beginners to make sure you are on the right track.





Recording and Mixing Series – Level 1

This is for beginner to pro levels.

You can get pro level results at home … this series will start you on your way. You will learn how to set up your studio (which is critical and often done wrong), basic signal flow, how to set up to record your new songs, pro recording tips, mic techniques, and more.

The bundle (listed below) is what almost all our customers go towards and it is an amazing deal to insure you’re on the right track.

Here’s a short sample of what’s inside.


Videos included with this level:

  1. Intro to the Recording & Mixing Series
  2. Setting up your studio right – very important!
  3. Connecting your gear properly and quickly
  4. The principles of microphones
  5. Setting up to create a new song
  6. Getting to know the mixer
  7. Basics of recording your tracks right
  8. Recording a great sounding bass guitar
  9. Recording electric & acoustic guitars like an expert
  10. BONUS – More good advice (learn other amazing secrets)



Secrets of the Pros have put together a vast amount of recording knowledge into a simple and concise presentation that will help anyone learn the art of recording and mixing. It is a must-have for beginners, students and home recordists. It also can breathe life into any experienced engineers’ technique by giving them Secrets of the Pros unique perspective. The videos are extremely well thought out in their presentation, making it easy to understand all of the recording and mixing concepts.

Leff Lefferts

Engineer, Mixer, Sound Designer for Film (Skywalker Sound)
Dave Matthews Band, Primus, Joe Satriani, Kenny Wayne Shepherd


Just wanted to let you know that the information on these videos has been very useful. Any time I sit to view any of the titles I gather new ideas … so just wanted to let you know, that Secrets of the Pros is best source of information for recording, and mixing that I’ve ever seen. 

God bless and keep up the good work!!!

Carlos “Toro” Ortiz

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