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97% of the technical problems we see can be solved with the answers to the issues below.


Please read those first.

If this doesn’t help feel free to contact us and our info is down below.



• Your Subscription / Streaming training is on the “My Account” page. Just log in and scroll down.

>click here for the My Account page <




• Please use Firefox or Chrome browsers if you can, they work best for now.


• The download files are BIG!  Please let them fully download before clicking on them to expand.


• Download 1-2 files at a time. Then you can watch some while downloading others!

Download & Playback Issues?

Our system is currently download to own and for a very good reason … quality! Streaming often degrades the quality of video and audio. In our training we will make very minor adjustments at times and if the streaming reduces the quality of the audio you might not hear what we want you to. You can store the files on our drives, download sections whenever you want, and re-download them later too!

You do NOT have to download all the files at once.

Read this for more info >

Download the training videos one at a time. Many of these videos, or sets of videos are several gigabytes (a lot of data) and can take a bit of time if your internet connection is slow.Click on the items one at a time. Let it download ... then click on the next.It's best to play these with Quicktime or iTunes. Both are free from Apple’s website.You can also download what you want to watch and download others later. No rush! We will store the file and you can access them whenever you want.
Make sure the files ‘uncompress’ ... we compress these files because they are large, though compared to many virtual instruments they aren't big at all. Make sure you see a folder with videos inside. If not right click on the file to "unstuff" it. This should happen automatically but if not try this.
This is a voodoo issue we’ve seen before though it is very rare. Please try using Quicktime or iTunes.Also, you can try re-downloading the files and see if they work. In every case these two methods fixed the issue.

Most often this is because the email ended up in a spam folder. Please check there first and feel free to contact us if this didn’t fix the issue. We are happy to help!

To view videos or download your training go to “Profile” which is in the upper right hand corner, the navigation menu or click here.

Once you do that look on the left side for “Orders”.

Click on any of those and you can select “View” then click to watch or download.

To download a section just select the blue text (on the right) with the name of the section you want to download.  Enjoy!

When you set up an account from us we send email to you from “SOTP”.

Search for these emails and they will have a lot of helpful info about your account and purchases.  Just a friendly reminder!

If you download the .zip files and they do not unzip into a folder, then try double-clicking on the .zip file.

Most of the time this is required. If not, do you have a program to unzip files like this one for Mac    > click here <

For Windows users this is a good app  > click here <


Other questions

We will be posting a short list of things that fix most Pro Tools systems soon. If you have an issue that you really need help with go to our contact page and contact us.

Ken Walden is a Pro Tools expert and can probably fix your system.

Well great music played very loud over an amazing system helps for sure! Other than that exercise is key, a healthy diet, good social connections, people/friends you love and trust. Hey wait ... we're here to teach music/audio stuff! We can say one thing for sure ... creating music without having to sift through manuals and search forums will make you happy and that's why we made this series. Enjoy!

Yes, look on our “Consultating” page. We can help and will actually save you a lot of time and money by speeding through the confusion that is the audio industry.

Also feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We like talking to our customers. Click here for our contact info >

We can help you find the exact training you need, and if our existing training series don’t fit your needs we will create a bundle for you!

Look at our Video Shop first and if you’re confused or need something custom tailored to your needs we can make a Personalized Bundle.

Plus we’ll give the same discount we do for our other bundles so you will save money!

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We like talking with our customers.

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